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Privacy Policy for FutureScouts

CommunicateIT, led by Maria Skjærven, is the company that owns FutureScouts. We only collect very limited personal data such as name and email, and only if you have provided them yourself. We ensure that we meet the requirements of data protection legislation. We take your data protection seriously. Our privacy policy informs you about how we process your data.

Data Controller

It is crucial for us that our partners trust that we only process personal data when necessary for legitimate reasons and that we take good care of them. We are aware that personal data is not our property but something we borrow for a limited period.

We delete personal data when we no longer have a legitimate reason to retain them.

You can always contact us if you wish to be deleted from our systems.

Processing of Personal Data

When we process data about you, it is to provide good service, ensure high quality in our tasks, and provide our partners with the best guidance.

We process the following personal data in connection with the service we provide to you.

 - Name  - Contact information  - Possible payment information  - Video recordings from online meetings

We use the following data processors, where your data may be registered for legitimate reasons.

 - Stripe (payment platform)  - Circle (Community)  - Wix (website, newsletter)  - Dinero (accounting system)  - Zoom (video recording tool)

We only collect, process, and store personal data that is necessary for us.

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