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AI-underviser og inspirator

About Maria

Jeg hjælper dig med at nå i mål med AI

Lad mig åbne dine øjne for, hvordan du kan få glæde af fremtidens teknologiske muligheder i din hverdag, samt hvordan de vil være med til at skabe muligheder for dig både personligt og professionelt.

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Maria and Futurescouts

I've always worked with IT! I programmed my first chatbot when I was 12. I have a cand.merc.DAT from CBS. I worked as a web developer at TDC for 14 years, becoming a development manager and IT manager until 2023.

I've previously published podcasts and videos on topics like Artificial Intelligence and taken courses at DTU to gain more insights.

I started Futurescouts in March 2023 because I want to teach the new AI tools and initiate an important debate on how we can create a better future using new technology.

I go out and conduct workshops for companies and networks, always having a good dialogue on how they can use the technology.

Futurescouts is partly a community that currently has 60 members in the Free Community, including meeting for a Friday bar every Friday, and almost 20 members in the paid Premium Community, which has access to Midjourney webinars and online courses, among other things, in ChatGPT.

Become a Future Scout
Do you want to help create the future? So join my new Cummunity. Register now and blive part of a powerful community that changes the world (at least a little bit) while having fun :)
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