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Standard Terms and Conditions

Introduction By booking a lecture, the customer accepts the following conditions:

Contract Agreements are made upon acceptance via email.

Webinar or other virtual services When purchasing a webinar, a personal link is provided. This link may only be shared with the number of participants purchased. If this is exceeded, Futurescouts has the full right to disconnect and close the link, preventing access to the video, and no subsequent compensation will be provided. The video may not be uploaded or shared on social media or other public places with free access. If the above is violated, Maria has the right to impose a fine of DKK 7,000 excluding VAT.

Equipment The customer must ensure:

  • Projector with screen/white wall or large screen

  • Headset microphone (for more than 100 participants)

  • Professional lighting and sound (for more than 500 participants)

Maria brings her own PC/Mac and any necessary adapters to connect it to the screen.

Payment Payment is made via an invoice sent when the agreement for the event is reached and the booking is confirmed. Payment is due within 8 days.

Interest accrual For payments made after the due date, a monthly interest rate of 1.5% and a reminder fee will be applied. Note: If payment from the customer to CommunicateIT's account is not made on time, the contract is considered breached by the customer, and CommunicateIT cannot guarantee Maria's delivery.

Cancellation – from the customer's side It is free of charge to cancel a confirmed order activity up to 6 weeks before the start. If canceled later than 6 weeks before the start, the entire investment is due for payment. If an already rescheduled activity is canceled, 100% of the investment is due – regardless of the deadline.

Any deposit paid for the purchase of a course will NOT be refunded if the customer chooses to cancel their registration before the course starts.

Termination of the agreement by the speaker/expert: Speakers can request the agreement to be terminated due to illness during lectures and other services.

Maria is entitled to refrain from performing if the customer does not fulfill their obligations. In such cases, as in cases where Maria is prevented from performing as agreed after arriving, Maria is entitled to the full fee + any applicable VAT and transportation costs.

This contract can be terminated due to force majeure, prohibition, serious traffic disruption (ice obstruction, blockade, etc.), making it physically impossible for Maria to arrive.

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