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Lectures and Workshops

Let me guide you and your company on how to use the new tools to transform your organization. AI has many possibilities but also limitations that you need to be aware of.

Equip yourself to use artificial intelligence in the most optimal way in your organization.

Give me a call, and let's have a chat about what you need.


AI with Passion

Maria explained the new AI tools at eye level with understandable Danish words - and with great passion for the subject.


Impressive and professional presentation, which I gladly recommend to others. I have received very positive feedback from the group.


Anja Neiiendam

Director, Center for Leadership

What do the customers say?

Maria competently guided us through AI image generation.


We had a great session with Maria, who expertly guided us through the AI image generation tool Midjourney. Maria explains it in a way that is understandable, but we also confirmed that it IS challenging to create good images. However, we have made significant progress and received many tips and tricks.

Ole Grøndahl Hansen

Director, PVC Informationsrådet


Five big stars from me. Maria communicates in a language that is easily understandable, making AI simple and playful – be it for text, images, or video. Highly recommend getting updated on this essential tool – it happens faster than you think.

Lene Bremer


Business Owner

AI becomes simple and playful


We obviously had to participate ourselves!

I thought Maria would come and handle everything for us. But apparently, it was intended for us to be involved as well.

Sten "SeriousJustToBeOnTheSafeSide" Jensen

CEO @Nastybusiness


We don't care for all that new fancy stuff. We'd rather stick to our usual ways, even if it takes longer and doesn't yield quite as good results.

Lone Jensen, 42 years old

CEO @AngrypeopleUnited

Way too much focus on 'the new' and the future.

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